Toledo Harley-Davidson

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7960 W. Central Ave., Toledo, OH
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Franchised (selling new vehicles)
Tim Sherman, Mike Lenhart, Jim Frauenberg
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Tim Sherman
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Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
Days of Operation: 
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Harley-Davidson, Vega Helmets, Mascorro Leather, VF Image, Wolverine, WileyX, Hugger gloves, Bulova watches, Stamper Black Hills Gold, jewelry, Mod jewelry, Tori Richards, Leather Accessory Source, Athalon Luggage - HD licensed, Miss Me Jeans, SGI Childrens' Apparel, ZB Concepts Jewelry, Swag Sunglasses, Tervis Cups, Pyramid Posters, Ace Branded Products, RK Stratman apparel and T-shirts, Challenge Coins by Symbol Arts, Lodis handbags and accessories [belts, belt buckles], men's Petrol Jeans
Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, RC Components, Kuryakyn, Dirty Bird, Leather Pros, Parts Unlimited, KK, Hot Topper, Arlen Ness
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Harley-Davidson, Vance & Hines, RC Components, Kuryakyn, Dirty Bird, Leather Pros, Parts Unlimited, KK, Hot Topper, Arlen Ness
Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties
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27,000 sq. ft.
10,000 sq. ft.
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6,000 sq. ft.
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10,000 sq. ft.
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Mission Statement

At Toledo Harley-Davidson we focus our attention to three small words that have huge meaning: We Sell Fun! We are the place people go to feel good and have a great time. This motto puts all of us in the right mindset every day to make our dealership a place where our staff and customers are all considered family and everyone is encouraged to enjoy their passion for Harley-Davidson! We strive to incorporate this mission into all aspects of our day-to-day business at the dealership and beyond including sales, promotions, rides, events and the complete customer experience. Harley-Davidson is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle and we’re all in this together. We want to make sure our customers know Toledo Harley-Davidson is their resource for great experiences and enjoyment!

Showroom Design and Layout

When you walk into Toledo Harley-Davidson, the first thing you notice are the high, industrial-looking ceilings and fixtures everywhere. The look is clean and modern. Often, those two words don’t describe a cozy and warm atmosphere, but the interior of the dealership is just that. The second thing many of our customers notice is our coffee station! They’re often cold from riding and appreciate the fact that we have refreshments waiting for them as soon as they arrive.

Our MotorClothes kiosk and reception area are one and the same, and when you enter you’re warmly greeting by our receptionist or a MotorClothes associate. To the left of the kiosk is our sales area and JumpStart area. Here, the customers can experience the thrill of riding a motorcycle without even having their endorsement! A Harley-Davidson motorcycle is placed on a specifically designed, stationary support stand and the customer can "take it through the gears" without the fear of it tipping over. We decorated the area with a mountain scene so they can feel like they’re on the open road. The JumpStart is a great way to convert a non-rider into believing they can ride and dispels many of their fears.

To the right of the Reception/MotorClothes kiosk is an impressive collection of MotorClothes, collectibles, boots, helmets and children’s clothing and more. The department continues to the back of the store with women’s fashions and an immense collection of menswear. Our MotorClothes staff does an amazing job of displaying the merchandise and putting collections together in an appealing way. The displays change often, so our regular customers always have something new to look at. The fixtures and wall hangings throughout the department are state-of-the-art and functional for displaying merchandise.

Our Parts Department rounds out the showroom floor in a striking way! We strive to keep the most current parts and accessories in stock and display them in a way that engages the customer and highlights the benefits of the product in the best possible light. We’ve dedicated a section of our Parts Department to a windshield and seat demo wall and the Harley-Davidson Fit Shop. The Fit Shop gives customers the opportunity to customize a Fat Boy with handlebars, seats and windshields. They are able to see the differences in the products and determine what best fits their riding needs before purchasing an item.

The focal point of our massive showroom is the motorcycle sales area. Bikes are purposefully placed in just the right areas and warm, soft lighting helps to highlight the bikes. Families of motorcycles are placed in the same areas and make for an impressive display of colors and chrome! The bikes are perfectly lined up with plenty of space around them for customers to feel comfortable walking around and sitting on them.

The path of the bikes flows from department to department, reinforcing a complete buying experience for our customer – from the Harley they’ve always dreamt about, to the helmet that features their favorite team's colors, to the oil that keeps them running. 

Televisions strategically placed throughout the showroom feature short and hip Harley-Davidson commercials and play modern and fun music to help energize the customers and staff!

Service Department

The Service Department features a spacious write-up area with two stations. The stations allow for quicker customer service and are managed by experienced service writers at all times. This area also features a variety of product displays for unique customizable items that customers may consider upgrading with their service appointment.
A large overhead door allows customers to easily roll their bike into the entrance of the service department for a complete inspection by one of our trained and experienced service writers prior to any work beginning. A set of double doors leads to the large service area with four spacious work stations for optimum productivity from the technicians. There is also a full wash bay for a complimentary wash after service is complete on a bike. 
Being located in Ohio, we’ve got to be prepared to take care of our customers in all seasons. This means having ample space for motorcycle storage in the winter months. We have space to accommodate 150 bikes in a climate-controlled environment. This also provides convenient access for customers to complete upgrades while their bike is with us so they are ready to roll when the first nice day comes along in the spring! 
The service department offers other unique programs designed to keep customers educated and seeing our dealership as the place to go for advice and help. The service write-up area is constantly changing, adding new product displays and the most-up-to-date industry literature at the seating area as well as current, local riding events and opportunities. We also hold events throughout the year that give our customers a behind the scenes look at what our certified technicians can do such as "Technicians at Work," which showed them customizing a bike right on the showroom floor. Additionally, the public is invited to visit the service department at Toledo Harley-Davidson every first Saturday morning during the summer for their Pancake Breakfast and Seminar. This encourages customers to take advantage of Express Lane Service on the weekend as well as educating patrons about a variety of motorcycle topics while they enjoy a free breakfast! 

Training and Employee Motivation Practices

Training plays a major role in the performance of our employees and the entire customer experience. We begin each day with a team huddle. This is a great way to start the day with all of the employees scheduled that day, to not only be familiar with who is working, but to talk about anything that may be going on that day with promotions/events. A portion of the team huddle is dedicated to each department discussing a new item, or our “push of the day," which is described in detail, including benefits and features, installation time and labor costs. It’s great training for employees who may not be familiar with that particular product. Throughout the day, customers are made aware of the product.
Toledo Harley-Davidson (along with its sister dealership Signature H-D) was among the first few dealers who were selected by the Harley-Davidson Motor Company to take part in testing the implementation of the 4-Disciplines of Execution in to every day dealership operations. This began with department managers getting exclusive training on how the process works with day-to-day operations and how to drive results and achieve goals. The 4 Disciplines were introduced to the entire dealership staff at one time as success is only achieved when everyone is involved in making the decisions that impact their department. 
Each department is responsible for creating their own scoreboards within the 4-Disciplines framework and setting measurable goals that would help them reach their wildly important goal that was set by management. Involvement in this process keeps the focus on a few key goals that are measurable, drives results and are all within control of the department. Weekly meetings are held in each department to check the status of goals and make sure they are top of mind as daily business is conducted. Results are also reviewed at monthly all-staff meetings. This review process helps keep individuals energized to achieve their goals and show positive results on their scoreboards creative accountability and keeping them focused on the outcomes they can control. As new employees are introduced into our staff, they are trained on the 4-Disciplines and their success is not only emphasized but encouraged!
Employee training is a very important element to our day-to-day operation. In order to provide a “kick-ass” experience, our employees need to have confidence in their knowledge. All of our employees utilize the programs offered by Harley-Davidson University. The owners make an effort to send as many people as possible to Harley-Davidson dealer shows. They attend classes and gain knowledge about new products and changes pertinent to their department. In addition to the classes, all employees are required to continue the education process through Harley-Davidson University training videos. In an ever-changing industry, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date on products and trends. 
Other perks our employees enjoy are employee appreciation parties and dealer-paid admission to local motorcycle events. Additionally we offer gift card prizes to employees for a variety of standard things, meaning that anyone from any department is eligible. The prizes are more of a thank you; thank you for referring that person, they bought a bike; thank you for finding that awesome used motorcycle for sale, it’s now on our showroom floor; thank you for providing a kick-ass experience to this person, they wrote you an awesome review! Incentives are often employed when a department or the dealership goes above and beyond what was expected, it acts as encouragement, as a reward and also as a team-building tool.

Commitment to Customer Service

Every Harley-Davidson dealer, retail establishment, restaurant, etc. likes to say that customer service is their number one priority. At Toledo Harley-Davidson, not only do we say it, we live it and it shows. Our employees know that everything we do, from a sale, return, bike pick up or phone call is a chance to provide excellent customer service. Our customer philosophy is striving to enhance the customer experience with great service. We try to provide a great first impression and make sure they experience that same feeling every time they return. We believe that great customer service is the responsibility of every team member within our organization therefore we empower all of our employees to handle customer concerns. 
Our overall goal is to provide a WOW experience for our customers and enhance their experience with our dealership in every way possible. We do that in a number of ways. With new bike owners, they are taken through our “customer path." The sales associate takes them to each department and introduces them to the rest of the team. Purchasing a motorcycle can often be an intimidating experience, particularly if they’re new to the lifestyle, and the customer path helps puts them at ease. We make a BIG DEAL about a new motorcycle purchase! When the customer has completed their paperwork in the F & I office, they are taken to our WOW bike bell and get to ring it loud enough for everyone in the dealership to hear. All employees stop what they’re doing and clap and congratulate the new owner. It’s a fun experience for the customer (and the employees). We don’t stop there! Every new owner gets their picture taken on their new bike in front of a specially painted wall, this picture can be uploaded to our website and social media, if the customer approves! Imagine buying your favorite, beautiful motorcycle and the dealership posts your picture onto Facebook for you to tag and share for the whole world to see! 
During monthly all-staff meetings we often review a sales tactic or exercise that keeps customer service top of mind. This comes in the form of team building exercises that encourage the staff to work together to better understand how to connect with a customer on a personal level. These tactics keep the sales process fresh in each department and are a reminder that each customer has special needs and circumstances and needs to be treated as such and to take the time to get to know a customer to best figure out how you can help. 
Our motivation at Toledo Harley-Davidson is to meet and exceed customer’s service expectations through memorable “kick-ass” experiences, EVERYDAY. From the purchase of your first motorcycle, to the day-to-day shopping, to the service department catering to all of your bike’s needs, we want to treat you like family.

Involvement in the Community

Throughout the year Toledo Harley-Davidson is involved in many community events. We represent Harley-Davidson at the Toledo Automobile Dealers Association Auto Show in January of each year. Toledo H-D also makes an effort to be represented at a variety of community and bike related events all throughout the year by setting up a display, having giveaways, offering attendees a chance to win prizes, and as always, encouraging them to visit the dealership to check it out for themselves!
We also donate merchandise or gift cards to many charities and organizations throughout the year to help in their fundraising efforts. The dealership serves as a starting point for a number of charity rides and also as a place for information on motorcycle-related events and activities in our area. We also make efforts to support a wide gamut of local groups and businesses in the community, including the local Toledo Repertoire Theatre, Nature’s Nursery, local animal shelters, Toledo Opera, American Red Cross, the International Boxing Club, Midwest Latinofest, Ronald McDonald House and many more. Our main motivation is to not only occupy retail space in a town, but to be an active member and supporter of the community.
One of the most significant ways that Toledo Harley-Davidson supports the community is through some of our biggest events of the year - concerts! The 2014 Ohio Bike Week concert featured headlining act, Warrant. In order to have successful events, we work with local charity groups. Since this particular concert drew thousands to the dealership, we needed help in making sure that everything went smoothly. We asked that the charity provide volunteers to help park cars, take admission tickets, sell drink tickets and work the bar. For their time working these fun events we award the charity monetarily to help support their mission!
An example of how we have achieved our community involvement goals, is building lasting relationships with a variety of not only local charities, but also local riding groups that cater to different demographics. Fostering relationships with these groups, means our dealership can be a great resource for local motorcycle enthusiasts who might be looking for people with similar interests. Groups include the African-American military club the Buffalo Soldiers MC and the internationally known women’s riding club, the Women of the Wind, who were founded locally in Toledo. We provide support for these groups in an assortment of ways, including donating monetarily and promoting their events. Additionally, the dealership sponsors a chapter of the Harley Owners Group, and anyone who purchases a bike from Toledo Harley-Davidson is automatically enrolled as a local chapter member and is invited to attend chapter rides, meals and events. This free to join group is a social riding group for anyone who rides a Harley and loves it! Nurturing a love for riding and a love for community is a big emphasis for our dealership and employees.