Barney's of Brandon

To make our customers aware of key items and policies in each department, we have a dealership tour process that every purchasing customer receives.

This process also gives our office staff complete control and adequate time to properly prepare all paperwork (in a non-rushed timeframe) and to gather all necessary forms and information prior to having the customer sign up. The salesperson loves it too because while their customer is on the tour, it gives them time to effectively do what they need to do to help facilitate the deal without feeling like they have to "abandon" their customer while they're running around.

Once a deal is made, the salesperson starts the dealership tour before the customer goes into the F&I office. A dealership tour form is used and filled in with specific vehicle information, and any notes to review with other staff members while along the tour. The salesperson walks the customer over to the parts department and introduces the customer to a Parts and Accessory specialist. The specialist then gives them a tour of the P&A department, items stocked specifically to their new vehicle, department specials and a review of a printed list of highlighted items on the tour sheet such as Barney's Premier Lay-A-Way, Internet Price Matching Guarantee, pricing on core items (tires/batteries/exhaust), etc.

Once educated, the customer then receives a gift from the department specialist, which is a Barney's tote bag and key chain, and is walked over to the service department to be introduced to a service adviser. Now at service, the Parts specialist introduces the customer to the service adviser and hands the tour sheet over to the adviser. The adviser is tasked with introducing them to the service department, reviewing the maintenance schedule and recommendations for their specific vehicle, explaining extended warranty coverages and the advantages of our Barney's V.I.P. Maintenance Program. The customer then receives a free tire pressure gage to go along with their other items and is escorted by the adviser back to the sales department and to their salesperson. The salesperson then introduces them to the F&I manager. By this time, the customer is well aware of offered accessories, service requirements, recommendations, and the V.I.P. maintenance program. This allows the F&I manager higher penetration success while offering these items and a better relationship rapport. Once paperwork is signed, the tour is complete when the salesperson meets the customer again and walks them over to a large brass bell in the main showroom. The customer is told to "Ring the bell!" When rung, the whole dealership applauds, hoots and hollers, and blows loud air horns in celebration. It's an exciting experience for everybody in the dealership, buying or not.

This process is not just for customers who are purchasing a vehicle. Salespeople are encouraged to put even the "just-lookers," first-time visitors, and even people who just bought a bike from a competing dealership onto the tour. By doing this, our present and future customers receive an experience that is unrivaled by any of our competitors and truly delivers a great Barney's experience. We may have not sold the guy the bike, but after the tour we definitely earned his P&A and service business. And for the "just-looker," it may not be today, but one day when they are ready to buy, they will remember and want to be a part of the Barney's experience.