Barney's of Brandon

Barney's service department has continued to excel each year in performance, professionalism and pride in what we do.

Our service team has grown to the best the industry has to offer. We have over 100 years of combined service experience and our team is committed to finding and fixing a problem right the first time and providing an overall great service experience. Professionalism and pride is evident as soon as you enter the service department. To add credibility and peace of mind, one wall highlights technician plaques and updated training awards.

The other wall displays a large 4' X 8' printed service menu that clearly educates and makes ordering and selling specific services easier. It also gives the service adviser a “script” to reference rather than finding and reading from a book or, worse, memory. To keep things looking fresh, we rotate the display specials, posters, and vehicle displays to reflect the current riding season.

From the time a customer walks in to our service department until the time that customer is called to pick up, the job status can be tracked on our innovative magnetic tracking board. Each customer has a magnet with their name, vehicle, end estimated labor time printed on it. At any given time, anyone looking for status on a customer's unit can look at the board and see which step of the repair process the unit is in. Each magnet travels through several designated categories on the board.

The categories include: Waiting On Parts (WOP), Waiting On Tech (WOT), Waiting On Authorization (WOA), and In-Shop Waiting. The sales department even has their own area (Sales) that the service manager assigns to available gaps in the technician's schedules. The board keeps the workflow moving efficiently throughout the shop, which directly affects quick turnaround of repair orders and customer satisfaction. To help ensure work flows efficiently, the technicians are divided onto one of two color-coded teams: red or blue.

Each team has a designated service adviser. The concept of two teams each controlled by one service adviser makes a very large workload more manageable. Each adviser has to mainly focus on tracking their team's magnets through the process and calling and updating the customers who have vehicles assigned to their team. The team concept also promotes incentives for each team to exceed a given contribution amount toward their department's overall goal. If their team goal is met, incentives that range from money to restaurant gift cards or a combination of both are awarded to each team member, including the adviser. Technician training is always a priority and is constant through out the year.

Our technicians not only complete online update training, they also attend off-site training with our manufacturers to attain the highest available levels of dealership achievement. Currently, we are a Platinum dealer with BRP, we are Florida's only Pro-Yamaha Specialist dealer, we were awarded Suzuki's Super Service Award of Excellence, we are a multiple recipient of the Best of Brandon Award, and last but surely not least,we were a 2011 Dealernews Top 100 dealer!

Every service department's goal is customer satisfaction. We have worked extremely hard to exceed and maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction possible. We feel this is most evident and most credible by evaluating what our customers are saying about us. Customers are speaking out with great online testimonials on various forums, websites, and in-store requests. With all of the outstanding support from our customers, we proudly boast the highest local ratings for the service department and the dealership as a whole.