Bayside Harley-Davidson

Our Service department is located on the west side of the dealership -- visible from the interstate -- and is designed for up to 16 technicians.

The large "Bayside Performance Center" signage welcomes all customers to our state-of-the-art facility. We have three service write-up stations located just inside an automatic sliding door entrance. The write-up area features a ride-in drop-off area, so that our customers can ride their bikes directly up to the write-up counters, which is invaluable during periods of inclement weather. The write-up areas also have "no-cost" installation P&A items prominently displayed as well as daily or weekly service specials to promote add-on sales. Inside our spacious Service department, each technician's work area features Harley-Davidson Orange and Black workbenches, motorcycle lifts, floor mats, and tear-down racks.

Our Service Performance Center is located between our Service department and customer lounge. Customers can watch through huge glass windows as factory-trained technicians service their motorcycles.

Each Service technician is annuallt sent to a technical service school, which are hosted and instructed by Harley-Davidson Motor Company personnel in order for them to advance their career, certification status, and keep them up-to-date with the most current technology and repair techniques.

Our specially designed Dyno room is visible from three sides of the department and is co-located with the service writer area, rentals department, and customer lounge. Video displays throughout the customer lounge and store show the performance output measured by the Dyno in real time. We also have a centralized oil bar, where fluids are dispensed remotely by the parts-to-service associate. Our dedicated parts-to-service associate pulls parts needed for repair orders, and delivers them directly to the technicians' workbench. This allows the technician to concentrate their efforts on the motorcycles on their respective lifts.

Computerized time clocks allow the technicians to clock on and off of work orders at their respective workbenches to minimize loss time. Our shop forman has a station centralized within the service area, allowing him to assign work, supervise floor traffic and technician activities, and constantly assess the progress of the departments' daily workload.

Our 4,000 sq. ft. storage area features three-level motorcycle storage on two sides. This area permits pre-staging of motorcycles in for repairs or customization, streamlines the movement of customer units through the Service department, and reduces time lost trying to locate a specific bike. Our Service department opens at 8 a.m. daily, an hour before normal store hours, so that customers can drop off their motorcycles before their normal work day. Our Service department also features a "Fast-Trak" for same-day routine maintenance services, oil changes, and basic accessories installation.

The combination of Fast-Trak services and early drop-off hours permit our customers to drop-off their motorcycles on the way to work, and pick them up on the way home. All customers of our Service department are logged into a customer database, and are then contacted by an independent agency to assess their satisfaction of services provided by our dealership. Follow-up calls are also made by individual service consultants. This program provided concise and timely feedback to management, and provides positive reinforcement of exceptional customer service.