Bud's Harley-Davidson

During the cooler months of November through March, Bud's Harley-Davidson holds a series of product or service seminars.

These range from new product information to instruction, and cover items and issues like dyno tuning, electronic accessories, proper long-tour trip-riding and preparedness. One of our most successful seminars is the annual More Than an Oil Change seminar, where we encourage new and existing customers to come spend three to four hours with two of our senior pHD certified technicians in the shop and learn what really takes place during a Harley-Davidson factory-authorized service. This is not intended to teach the customer on how to do his/her own service work, but teach them the value of taking their machines back to the dealer.

Another key point to this class is the chance for customers to get to interact with the techs. It breaks the divisional felling of who, what and why is going on behind the service doors. Our philosophy is since the customer gets to see all of the specialized equipment and training first hand, and also get to talk with the techs directly, there is a bond or comfort level of knowing who is working on their bike, and what they are doing to the machine. This class is so successful, that we have to hold it for two weekends with maximum capacity in each class. During the classes, the customers are treated to food from Hooters and soft drinks, and they also earn a service bonus coupon and chances to win prizes related to service. This program has been very successful in raising our new customer service numbers over the calendar year.