Chaparral Motorsports

Chaparral Motorsports launches fan site for Chaparral Honda L&Mc racing team. is already one of the best sites on the Internet for MX riders looking for all the latest motocross parts, accessories, and apparel. Chaparral Motorsports is pleased to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to the Chaparral Honda L&Mc Racing Team,, that will be a source for race fans to get up-to-date information on Andrew Short and the Chaparral Honda Race Team. By going to, fans gain access to dozens of videos and posts featuring Andrew Short, Larry Brooks and Jeremy McGrath. At the click of a button, viewers can get news and updates about the team from the latest supercross or motocross race.

"MX Fans want to more in depth news and updates on their favorite riders," states Crystal Ashby, VP Marketing for Chaparral Motorsports. "The fan site delivers more engaging content to access from the comfort of their own home."

The online experience isn't simply limited to Chaparral's fan site. New videos and reports will be posted to YouTube, Google +, Twitter and Facebook. Those looking for the absolute latest updates on Andrew Short and the Chaparral Honda L&MC Racing Team should follow Chaparral on all of these social media sites. This integrated media campaign linked the Chaparral Motorsports ecommerce website, its sponsorship activities, and social media together to drive messaging to fans and shoppers about how Chaparral Motorsports supports the sport of supercross.