Chaparral Motorsports

For motorcycle riders in the Southern California area, the Chaparral Motorsports Annual Monster Parking Lot Sale has become one of the most anticipated events of the year.

For more than two decades, this massive discount extravaganza has been drawing riders from hundreds of miles away, who descend on the store in an attempt to find the best deals on just about every motorcycle accessory on the market today. This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Annual Monster Parking Lot Sale, and the deals that riders can expect to find are hotter than ever.

On Saturday, October 1, more than 48 vendors have confirmed their attendance at this year's event, and all will be offering steep discounts on the hottest motorcycle gear. These aren't no-name vendors, either. Big names like Fox, FMF Racing, Spy Optic, Oakley, Metal Mulisha and Pro Circuit will all be there with big savings on their merchandise.  

The event is really a win-win for both the companies and the motorcycle riders. The vendors view it as a chance to clear out some of their merchandise, while the riders love the chance to get all the gear they need at incredible bargains. Chaparral's Annual Monster Parking Lot Sale has exploded in recent years, and those who attend can expect a massive crowd. In fact, the sale became so large, with so many vendors in attendance, that Chaparral was forced to move the event away from its parking lot and to the more open space of Arrowhead Credit Union Ball Park, which is located on South E Street in San Bernardino, Calif. 

With riders coming from all over Southern California for this epic one-day only sale, those planning to attend should know that the best deals typically happen early in the day. The gates open up at 8 a.m.. and the vendors will be there until 3 p.m.., so while there's plenty of time to shop, many choose to line up before the show officially starts to ensure they can hit their favorite vendors immediately.  Whether you ride a street bike and are looking for new accessories or want some new leathers for next year's motocross season, the Chaparral Motorsports Annual Monster Parking Lot Sale not only offers an expansive selection, but extreme discounts on the most popular brands and items.

The sale was promoted thru email, radio and social media. The store received about 6,500 visitors in one day.