Charlie's Harley-Davidson

Our Service department operates with 96 years of combined expertise.

Our shop foreman has 42 years in the business. Many customers come to Charlie’s Harley-Davidson specifically because of the quality he provides. The fixed operations manager also has personal customers who will only bring their bikes to us because of the quality he provides. We routinely receive emails from customers who are blown away by what we consider our everyday service level. (The following examples are highlights from considerably lengthy emails from customers.)

On 10/23/2012, Mark M. from G.E. Aviation emailed our fixed operations manager: “Just wanted to give you a heads up that ol’ blue will be coming to see you soon…a 10-point buck decided to ruin my morning…Anyway, I’m OK, just sore, but the bike’s another story… It’s because of you I wouldn’t take it anywhere else. I’m concerned with all the extra chrome and stuff on it, that it will never be the same."

On 6/25/2012, Theresa S. from Covington, Ken., emailed our Service department: “Husband and I stumbled into Charlie’s H-D this past Saturday (6/23) with issues on both of our bikes…husband’s linkage rod kept falling off and he was stuck in last gear!...The service team took us right in and though they did not have the part, they temporarily fixed the bike so we could continue our weekend trip…Now for the awesome part –there was NO CHARGE!...the out-of-town service at Charlie’s far exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much!!”

Due to its length and general information concerning why they were so thrilled, we’re submitting our third example of how well our Service department cares for its customers. Additional contributions come by way of what our shop itself has to offer its techs. We have two tire mounting machines, a balancing machine, 14 lifts (including a dedicated trike lift and multiple mobile work stations). They have their own machine shop for custom fabrication work. Their dynamometer has just been upgraded with all the latest state-of-the-art software. Our Service department also offers customers a three-year “Priority Customer Maintenance Package” that can be purchased any time, even if the customer did not buy the bike from us.

This package is a phenomenal value for anyone who rides. Some of the highlights include free winter storage, free oil changes every 2,500 miles with Syn3, direct payment to other Harley-Davidson dealerships if the customer is on a road trip when their service interval is due, a guarantee to get you in within 48 hours for service, free tire labor with tire purchase, battery maintenance with free replacement if battery fails, and so much more. You invest in this and for three years, all you have to worry about is how much gas is in the tank! And to sum it all up, our Service department attracts riders who love our dealership, but are loyal to purchasing their bikes from other dealers. Our turnaround times are unheard of. If the bike shows up first thing in the morning, most of the time they can get the customer back on the road the same day. (With exception to rare and/or exceptionally damaged bikes)