Cole Harley-Davidson

At Cole Harley-Davidson, we are one big family.

We always look to make sure our employees are always happy and enjoy our working environment.

Our best employees have been those who have started at the bottom and worked their way up. For example, our service manager started out with the company washing bikes, then he moved to parts, then to service writer, then to service manager -- and he has done an excellent job. Our general manager started out in F&I then went back to school for his MBA and came back to become our GM. Most of our pay plans include incentive compensation based on departmental profitability.

We also host an annual Christmas party for our employees where they are recognized for their time and hard work. Cole Harley-Davidson values hard work and rewards those that strive to do better than average. During our slower winter months, more emphasis is placed on training and educating our employees for the upcoming spring and summer months.