Filer's PowerSports

Creating an attractive display can can draw the customer in, promote a slow-moving item, announce a sale or welcome a season.

Our store is fortunate enough to feature multiple displays, most of which can be seen from our parking lot into the store! With this tactic, we we know we have one of the most proven and least expensive advertising options at our disposal. We are very detailed when it comes to our displays, mostly because we try to stay on top of being the only dealer in the area whose store takes advantage of them!

Displays are vital sales-promoting elements of the store, so we need to be creative in how to feature products and the specifications of them as well. We want the customer to come into the store and get in the mood to ride what is on our displays, so to do that we put the vehicle in its elements. This year we expanded our nature display, which has been a huge hit! We made our display 50 ft. x 20 ft. and had it climb up to a whopping 6 feet! We have a pond with ducks and a small fawn in the front near the pond as well.

There is a trail up the display for all the ATVs we fit on there as well as a cabin front. We made the "terrain" very rough with wood chips and angled the five vehicles up the trail to look as though they are going over rocks, too! This year, the display is set up on the far right side of the showroom for everyone to see, and it spans the width of the front showroom. When customers walk in, it is one of the main focal points -- and the kids just love it! To the left of the display are 10-ft. windows that bring in natural lighting to optimize the outdoorsy feel we have succeeded to create. One of the things that make us most proud about this display is that it barely cost us a dime! We used all recycled material and our own units. The mulch was donated by the town of Macedon from its spring clean up, and all the rocks were given to us from local farmers. The cabin facade is reclaimed with cedar and framed with crate wood. It really gives an Adirondack-mountain feel!

The results are what we anticipated as well, really pulling the customer in and using their imagination to see themselves on the machine. Most of the vehicles we use tend to be our highest-selling products, like the Polaris Ranger. It is also a great example of our teamwork and connection with the community!