First Coast Powersports

THe KORRD Kids Off-Road Demo Day was created to provide kids ages 3-15 the chance to experience off-road products under adult supervision.

It is a hit! Parents come from all over north and central Florida, as well as south Georgia. We recruit volunteers that first build several closed courses for the event, then spend hours coaching kids who have never sat on a motorcycle or ATV to learn to ride. Young kids all start on the 50cc track. Training-wheel units are in plenty. We donate more than 30 units from all of our OEMs, and vendors donate 100+ helmets, goggles, chest gear and more. Safety and fun are the priority, and no sales are allowed while kids are riding. Nearly 500 people showed up at our last event, with over an hour to wait to ride.

Not one person left. The line started for gear at 7 a.m. and riding commenced at 9 a.m. and went until 6 p.m.. Every kid got to ride 'til they were pooped! The event is scheduled several weeks before the Christmas holidays to inspire families to get out and ride together. Many parents used to ride and wonder if their kids would enjoy it. Parents often boast of how they had no idea their kids loved it so much. All of the units are sold after the event as KORDD demos at a solid discount, and the gear is sold or donated. The lasting effect is not only a boost on holiday sales, but we attribute over 50+ youth units to the event and another 50+ adult units in 2012 alone. Starting in 2013, the annual event will become a two to three event series each year with one in March, July and December.