Fort Myers Harley-Davidson

As part of the Scott Fischer Enterprises group of Harley-Davidson stores, we support the community that supports us.

Scott Fischer Charities (SFC) was created in 2011 in order:

• To have our stores be seen as engaged and responsible contributors to our community

• To create store and brand awareness while creating marketing opportunities

• To provide employees with company pride and overall,

• To serve the communities that serve us.

We have partnered with four national charities, added an SFC line to all of our stores’ budgets and made commitments that are more than writing checks. We are committed to providing: Time, Leadership, Donations, Venues.

We chose organizations that impact children, and which spend a majority of the dollars in the very community that raised the dollars in the first place: March Of Dimes (Bikers For Babies), Muscular Dystrophy Association Blessings In A Backpack, Junior Achievement.

We increased the role of the HR director to the VP of employee and community relations. A substantial part of her role will be to lead the dedicated effort of philanthropy. Some notes:

• Over $200,000 raised for March of Dimes

• We have quarterly job shadow programs for Junior Achievement, in order to provide real life skills on how to find and keep a job and turn it into a career

• Over 2,300 students fed over the weekends who otherwise would not have meals

• Over $75,000 raised for MDA, sending children to summer camps

• OUr staff has aproximately 500 hours spent in volunteering opportunities.