Fort Myers Harley-Davidson

The following program was developed to continually monitor the satisfaction of our employees and to continuously improve the experience of working in a Scott Fischer store.

Policies and Procedures:

1. A survey is distributed to people in the store. All employees, full-time and part-time, get the chance to fill out the survey. The survey should be handed out with a two-part raffle ticket and a windowless envelope. The cycle will repeat three times a year for each location and the year-end average will be the scores that are used for the performance reviews.

2. Employees should fill out the information, take half of the ticket and put the other half of the ticket into the envelope with the survey. The envelope should be sealed.

3. Each location has an assigned collector of the surveys and they should only be turned in to those persons. These collectors will send the surveys to HR.

4. The HR coordinator opens the surveys, collects the tickets and documents the results and comments. She sends that information to be evaluated internally. If there is an overt attack on a specific person by name, this is an example of the ONLY item we would keep in mind with the GM discussions and focus groups, but the information will not be added to the comments sheets.

5. A designated employee updates the master tracking spreadsheet on the S Drive. Anyone can go in at any time and see where the stores are to date.

6. The tracking sheet is evaluated, and three action plans for each store are formulated, simply based on the trends that the scores indicate. The tracking sheet and the action plans are sent out to the GMs and the entire management team of each store.

7. The general manager and the department heads look at the action plans, discuss them with their individual teams and post or hand out the ESI tracking. This is crucial to the success of the ESI plan. People must feel that they are getting a lot of feedback from the survey and this is the first contact they will have with the scores and the action steps in each cycle.

8. A designated employee selects a focus group  randomly by using the census. The group consists of one person from each department. Managers are excluded, but any other employee may attend. Part time people and new employees are important too, in order to gather the most diverse picture of the population possible. An invitation or email is sent to their supervisors to invite the person. If a person cannot make that date, they should find a replacement from their team.

9. The focus group guidelines are as follows:
ESI Focus Group Outline: Select a random group by choosing one person from each department (no managers)
Set Date and Time: for an hour meeting (make sure technicians know that they will be paid for training during this time)
Have copies of the scores, the action plans and the comments for each person
Start with a commitment pledge: Everything in this group will remain in this group.

As we develop action plans they will be presented to the managers as “FROM THE GROUP” -- no one will be singled out.

  • This is a solution session, not a bitch session.
  • Share openly issues and ideas, and then HR will work with management to respond. Not every solution will be feasible, but you do have a voice. Anyone who cannot abide by these rules can leave without anyone feeling negatively about them.
  • Ask every member of the group individually, “Sally Jo, look at the people around this table. Do you promise to them to keep everything confidential?” Get a verbal agreement from each person. Then give your verbal agreement.
  • Take detailed notes. Start with the Green areas: Ask them how they feel about the score? Does it ring true? Is there anything we need to remind managers that we love and we want them to keep doing?
  • Take each Yellow, Orange and Red category individually: Discuss why the score is low and talk about solutions. Do not hesitate to call out anyone who is not following the pledge.
  • Read from your notes the suggestions from the group, to the group.
  • Ask for verbal agreement that they all stand behind the suggestions you have on the list as that they will be presented to management. Thank them for their commitment.

10. After the focus group, our designated employee will type up the solutions list and shows it to the focus group members in order to ensure that they see that we do want to address what they want us to address as a management team. Once she has their approval, she will sit with the general manager and go over the solutions and the responses. The general manager does not have to agree to do every solution; we just need to communicate why we aren’t following a particular suggestion, or what we can do instead.