Freedom Cycles, Inc.

Where would you go to look at a real, fully modified and race-ready Dakar Rally bike?

Now, do you think they would let you ride it? At Freedom Cycles, we are determined to make every visit to our dealership a memorable one for our customers, therefore we gave our customers the once-in-a-lifetime chance to ride Dakar Rally bikes.

This event was held at Freedom Cycles in the acreage adjacent to our dealership. Even in the rain that day, we had customers lining up for their chance to ride. And we didn't just let them ride one bike, we let them ride three to demonstrate the progression of the Freedom Rally Racing Team Dakar bikes. First was the 2011 Dakar bike, a KTM 530 which was rally-race modified by our own Scott Spears and ridden by Freedom Cycles owner Michael Stanfield in the 2011 Dakar. After customers rode the KTM 530, their second bike in the lineup was our rally-race modified KTM 450. This bike was ridden by our owner Michael Stanfield in the 2012 Dakar. Their final bike to ride was the KTM 450 Factory Rally Replica of James Embro, which was also raced in the 2012 Dakar.

In addition to being able to ride the bikes of the Freedom Rally Racing team, Freedom Cycles had on display the 2012 Dakar bikes of Jonah Street, Ned Sueese and Luis Belaustegui. Freedom Rally Racing rider Luis Belaustegui was also in attendance for the Dakar Demo Day and shared stories of the Dakar with customers as they waited to ride. Luis had plenty of stories to share about his experience attempting to finish the Dakar on a 150 cc two-stroke! Luis will continue to ride for Freedom Rally Racing in an attempt to break the Dakar record for completing the rally on the smallest displacement bike to date. It was a privilege for us to be able to share the passion and excitement of the Dakar Rally with our customers.

To this day, customers ask about when they will have another opportunity to ride a raced and ready Dakar bike! We are very proud to have been able to provide such a memorable experience to our customers and cannot wait to plan another Dakar Demo Day after the conclusion of the 2013 Dakar.