Fun Country Powersports, Inc.

We hosted a V-Strom rally this summer.

We have always made it our obligation to educate customers so that they know how best to make their equipment last to the fullest. In addition to opening the doors to a large group of Vstrommers, we hosted a dinner for them,  provided complimentary safety checks, paied for shuttle service to and from the local motels, mapped special rides for two days, and literally took care of our guests. We kept our master tech open for an entire day for our guests. He performed a valve adjustment workshop for them, using one of their bikes. He stayed available to answer questions, even spending time in the parking lot looking at specific needs. This lasted for an entire business day.

We asked our Suzuki DSM if he would help with this event, and he showed up at the dinner and stood up at a time when people were making "thank you" speeches and said, "Please talk with me about compliments and concerns with American Suzuki." People we so appreciative of his willingness to listen. As a result of this event, we gained new customers and great accolades from the riders. Helping people to maximize their spending will always make for better business.