Fun Country Powersports, Inc.

Our service department is managed by Lisa Erland, the co-owner of the dealership.

We have found that an informed, organized, and sympathetic person in service helps create a winning environment for the customer. Service should be a pleasant experience. Too often, consumers are conditioned to assume that their guard must be up to prevent being "over-serviced," leading to over charging.

Our customers know exactly what we do for them, how much it will cost, and why it needs to be done. Our techs are paid a salary, not a tiered flat rate. If they find something subsequent to the R.O., intake they get a phone call. We want our customers to make service decisions. We allow customers time to talk with the techs. We even allow customers to phone in for tech support.

Sometimes it's a call back, but we want to inform people and help them with all of their service needs. Our technicians wear the same type of shirt that the company owner wears.

We want people to view our service team as a professional, approachable, trusting group. Service is not a place behind the inter-sanctum closed doors. It's as tangible as the parts counter. Our customers like coming for service. We offer pickup and delivery. If customers have to wait for service, we will drive them to shopping and pick them up, or loan them a bike, if one is available. Most of our customers enjoy having coffee in the showroom while waiting. Every Saturday, we bake cookies to help make the stay even better.