Go AZ Motorcycles

GO AZ Motorcycles is the best dealer to work for based on one simple reason – we genuinely care about our staff.

We believe that a well-trained, highly motivated staff is crucial to all aspects of our mission. As such, we invest heavily in employee training, benefits, safety and compensation. GO AZ spends generously when it comes to staff training. As described in our application narrative, our sales staff all undergo initial training and participate in ongoing training in areas essential to their performance. This includes Customer Relationship Management, Nine Steps Sales Process and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Training.

We believe this investment equips our staff members with the knowledge they need to feel confident about their skills and be successful in their customer interactions. As noted previously in this application, GO AZ also spares no expense in regard to the training afforded our service technicians. Eight of our 12 technicians are master-certified and all attend updated manufacturers’ training without consideration for cost or location. For instance, our Ducati Master Technician was sent to Italy for training and certification.

The benefits provided to our staff are virtually unheard of in the industry and include: medical (with available deductibles as low as $250), dental and vision insurance, the premiums for which are supplemented substantially by GO AZ in order to make them affordable for our employees; paid holidays; and a generous leave structure that starts at 10 days for new employees and increases commensurate with tenure.

GO AZ Motorcycles’ staff is made of riding enthusiasts who enjoy the riding lifestyle. We are proud of our employees’ “we live it” mindset yet recognize the risks they face as avid riders. As such, we also invest in the safety of our staff. An example of this was the recent $500 allowance allotted to each staff member toward the purchase of a helmet of their choice. We also pay for all of our employees' motorcycle training courses.

GO AZ staff enjoys an extremely competitive compensation plan which consists of salary, commission and weekly Sales Promotion Incentive Fund (SPIF) disbursements. Beyond this, we incentivize our staff with a variety of traditional and non-traditional forms of remuneration including: cash awards, gift cards, bonuses, and all-inclusive vacations. We also provide uniforms for all our staff. In addition to the training, benefits, safety-related allowance and compensation afforded our staff, we also believe in providing growth opportunities for our staff.

As such, GO AZ Motorcycles sends not only our general manager to OEM dealer meetings and new-model release events, but also a department manager and salesperson. In this way, up-and-coming staff members are provided the opportunity to learn about business plans, manufacturer relations and other aspects of the business that will serve them well as they progress within our organization and the industry. We believe that all of these factors contribute to making GO AZ Motorcycles THE best dealer to work for. Our staff recognizes our dedication to them and reflects our commitment in their performance for and loyalty to GO AZ. We are proud to say that after cementing our team following our initial opening in 2008, we have enjoyed a staff retention rate of approximately 90 percent. Our staff recognizes that there is simply no better place to work – no ownership or management team that appreciates them more – than that of GO AZ Motorcycles.