Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale

Our motorcycle delivery process is one of the coolest customer service offerings I’ve ever seen.

I described it in our application process. When a customer completes their dealership Poker Walk Delivery and Orientation for their new motorcycle, we have a dealership-wide audio and video system that our managers have control of through their iPhones. Once the orientation is complete, we hit the GONG button on our phones that actually shuts down the entire audio system that regularly plays Pandora music, music videos, Harley-Davidson branded media, sports events, and the Weather Channel and all the video converts to our custom produced "WELCOME TO THE HARLEY-DAVIDSON OF SCOTTSDALE" video and audio excerpt.

The volume increases to maximum throughout the entire store, and our staff and the customer gather at our GONG on the showroom floor. We purchased the GONG from the Blue Oyster Cult Band -- it traveled with them from 1975 until 2005. As everyone assembles at the GONG in the middle of the showroom floor, out entire team and many of our customers that are on the showroom floor all start clapping and hollering as part of the celebration. It’s a celebration unlike any thatf our customers have ever encountered during the purchase of a product -- like it should be when you purchase a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The video and audio presentation lasts about two minutes, and then we all congratulate and thank the buyer for allowing us to serve them. We’ve seen many tears of joy shed at these celebrations and the customers and our staff love them! This is world-class customer service!