Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale

Harley-Davidson of Scottsdale and Bob Parsons are committed to the members of its team throughout all facets of employment.

We offer one of the most competitive pay plans in the marketplace that gives our team members the motivation to provide the best customer service in every transaction they perform throughout every day and reward them financially and through recognition for their accomplishments at our monthly store meetings.

Virtually every staff member we have is compensated with some level of base, plus an incentive they receive from their performance. We have handed out spa packages, new iPads, new motorcycles, iPhones, Oakley sunglasses, gift cards, cash, and numerous other bonuses on top of the normal pay plan incentives. Our benefits we offer have affordable plans that the dealership participates heavily in, and the deductibles are as low as $250. We have assembled one of the most experienced motorcycle retail teams in the industry that have backgrounds with other dealerships and their benefits they offer. None of our team memvers has ever had participated benefits as competitive as ours. We offer continuing education to everyone on our team every year. Our annual education budget approaches $100,000 a year for our team.

Our technicians are  required to attend and pass at least two classes if they need them, and the rest of our team all takes advantage of many of the local options, the online options, and numerous instructor-led Harley-Davidson classes. On top of this, we had three bonuses in the last four months that we provided our entire team due to our commitment to our team's safety that consisted of their choice of any helmet they wanted up to $500, a new pair of Wiley X sunglasses of their choice (even if they need a prescription), and a $100 credit in MotorClothes to buy additional safety gear like jackets, boots, gloves, etc.

These were all obviously well-received by the entire team. We also bought our service department techs matching toolboxes, roller cabinets, and cabinets so our whole service department looks uniform and functions efficiently. Our hope is for our team's mindset to be, “why would I want to work for anyone else?” We want to feel like they landed the opportunity of lifetime here.