Indian Victory Charlotte

Our most successful promotion has been the creation and marketing of our Charlotte Special Edition motorcycles.

We are the world’s premier source for high-quality, high-dollar custom Indian motorcycles.

To begin with, Indian Motorcycles are extremely rare and highly desirable. (Think Aston-Martin or Ferrari in automotive terms.) Indian production has been extremely limited in the past five years, due to the state of the overall economy, to some degree. At the same time, the passionate Indian aficionado has exclusivity and style at the very top of his list. These fans are unique individuals and they demand unique and sophisticated motorcycles. That’s what we do. Our owner and general manager has a rich and storied background in custom car manufacturing, so it was only natural that he apply those talents to Indian motorcycles. The results have been nothing short of amazing -- with very impressive profit margins as well.

The program has been in effect for over three years and several bikes have been completed and sold thus far. The CSE program is not widely promoted, yet we mention the availability of it in our e-newsletter and on our website. It is not something for the average motorcycle buyer, but is perfect for those with their own vision of their unique “Indian Dream Machine." The process starts with a good deal of discussion, initial drawings and concepts, much more discussion, followed by the ultimate fabrication of custom parts and accessories and final assembly. The process can take three to four months depending on the owner’s vision, and we have had 100 percent satisfaction rating by these special Indian customers.

Custom wheels, exhaust, tuning, specialty paint, leather, seating and electronics are all a part of the final machine, but much more is also often involved. For Indian Victory Charlotte, it has been both a source of pride and profit to bring these customer dreams to reality.