Indian Victory Charlotte

Our most effective media/marketing campaign focused on the announcement and introduction of the Victory brand.

We used a combination of print advertising, our email newsletter and website to announce our new name and product line: Indian Victory Charlotte. It was critical to our success to “hit the ground running” and we were able to integrate all elements into a cohesive marketing message. Positioning of the change was critical, because we did not want to have our large base of Indian customers think that we were “watering down” our emphasis on that limited-edition, aspirational brand. Yet it was important to reach a new audience to let them know what we could now offer. We also showcased our position as a Top 100 dealer to reinforce an image of quality and service.

The dealership name change was the obvious first step, but we used selected print advertising in regional books like Dashboards & Saddlebags and U.S. Rider News to promote our new product line. We changed our website to include Victory content and photos of the “new” bikes and finally, we used our monthly e-newsletter (Flagship News) to reinforce the news and underscore what it meant. The end result was a memorable, high-visibility entrance into the Victory product line and a very seamless addition to our offering.

There are several Victory dealers in our market, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of Victory machines we’ve been able to sell thus far. The Victory product line is a unique, high-style, performance-oriented motorcycle brand and is a worthy alternative to H-D models. It will certainly become a growing part of our business and we are proud to market this relatively new all-American motorcycle.