Killeen Power Sports

We try to provide a boost each fall in our off-road and ATV sales.

We live in a primarily auto-urban, street-friendly market, but soldiers that are stationed at Fort Hood don’t have a lot of room in their lives for a new four-wheeler. Fort Hood, however, has a deep legacy of off-road racing, and modern restrictions for on-post, off-roading are beginning to show signs of diminishing. Additionally, our community is still surrounded by large areas of farm land, and we are actively turning our attentions to getting these customers back in the store.

To start, this fall we have designated our seasonal showroom display for ATV and UTV promotion, and the results this year are pretty spectacular. We have transformed our aluminum crown fixture into a hunter’s wonderland. Inside the 10-ft. tall ring is a 17-ft. deer blind, and situated beneath and beside the blind are two ATVs decked to the nines in farm and hunting gear. Displayed on or with the units are gun racks, scabbards, ATV covers, rifle cases, and windshields, and much more. Other elements include Camo netting around the display, a makeshift campfire, and select POP materials. Employees always contribute their own little touches to each display, and this one is no exception.

Ghillie suits, crossbows, and several varieties of taxidermy all add to the eye-catching elaboration that is on display this season at Killeen Power Sports. The coolest part, however, is that Duck Hunt still worked on our old Nintendo and we can let parents distract their kids with some light zapping.