Mad River Harley-Davidson

Mad River H-D is the best place to work. Our owners have strong values and guiding principles and genuinely care for their staff.

Mike is continually investing in each team member, not only making them better at their jobs, but better overall. Below are the details of our training and incentive programs we offer at the dealership. We never stop learning and we are expected to have FUN!

Throughout the year at Mad River Harley-Davidson, we offer employee incentives such as Mad Money, Weekly Spiffs, dealership games and activities. These things not only boost employee morale, but also increase sales within our departments. Mad Money is dealer-specific money that is given to our employees for their exceptional service and generosity throughout the store.

Once Mad Money is earned and accumulated, it can be redeemed for great prizes such as clothing items and gift cards. Weekly spiffs are another employee incentive we offer to increase sales and get our staff motivated. These can be anything from a game to a goal, but once completed, the employee can earn lunch or gift cards. Along with Mad Money and weekly spiffs, we have one week of the year designated as Spirit Week. Spirit Week is a fun week that boosts employee spirits with fun activities. Each day, employees dress up in themed costumes and serve lunch to their fellow employees. At the end of the week, employees are able earn tickets to redeem for prizes.

Every January we bring our three dealerships together and form an off-site training day. We discuss our yearly goals, how we are going to achieve, and how to become “the dealership of choice." If we want to be the best we have to train with the best, so we will bring in motivational speakers. This past year, we had the pleasure of learning from former NFL standout, Rocky Blier. We use this day as a way to kick off the New Year and it brings everyone together for a common reason. In order to be a leader in our industry, we have to learn how to be leaders. During the winter months for us, we use this time to read and study the art of leadership.

Leadership is known as the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common goal. If we didn’t have leaders we wouldn’t be as successful as we are. We do not only have a management team that leads us, but we have leaders within our team members who encourage and motivate their individual departments. Without this training program that is offered each year, we would not have the leadership skills that we do today.