Man O'War Harley Davidson

We try to keep our marketing efforts relevant and timely.

Our goal is to promote one set of messages at a time, giving a clear, relevant message with a call to action across all of our marketing channels.

With a consistent message, our customers become used to hearing from us, and many look forward to our next event, promotion, or fundraiser.

The WILDMAN BREED Campaign, TV/radio/print: We started running a radio advertisement in mid-May of this year. By the end of May, both radio and TV versions of the ad were running. There were a couple of variations on this same theme which also ran during this timeframe. Portions of the script came from Harley, and those original ideas were taken, rewritten, and produced "in-house," by our marketing department.

Both radio and TV ads are produced onsite. The response to the campaign was overwhelming. During May, we had over 200,000 page views on our website, topping 2011 by 65,000, and 2010 by over 100,000. Something was working. Soon customers and employees, and even some in the media began to joke about the "Wildman," and "Where we know motorcycles!" We are on a mission to "Save the Wildman..."

Our door swings were up and our sales topped the best spring/summer that we had ever had, by strong double-digits. Due to our strong management team, excellent sales staff, great marketing and leadership, we have had the best year in the history of our dealership. Much of this boils down to the relationships we have built with our incredible customers.