McGrath Powersports

Our Bike Night series is our largest promotion of the year.

We partnered with Victory Motorcycles, two major radio stations, along with a local bar and grill and beer distributor. We started off by blocking off the front parking lot, designating it to bike parking only. We also put up fencing and hung manufacturer banners, creating a enclosed party area.

At the entrance, our beer distributor, Fleck Sales, was housed in a huge blow-up dome that bikers got to drive through to get in. Inside, we had Chrome Horse, our local biker bar, serving ice-cold beverages and serving food. Also located in the center of the lot is a live band that changes for every Bike Night. With around 1,000 bikers, the lot fills up fast. All types of bikes and bikers line the lot, giving McGrath Powersports the feeling of a major biker rally. Just what this town needs! We also had two local radio DJs doing live radio inside the store, which helped promote the main attraction, a contest for a grand prize of a Victory Vegas 8-Ball.

Each night, we have hourly drawings to qualify for the grand prize. At the final bike night, we have it narrowed down to 25 finalist who all get to draw a key. Whoever has the key that starts the bike wins!

Night 1, May 31: The first bike night is where we get the message out that we have teamed up with Victory to give away a brand new Victory Vegas 8-Ball at the final bike night. Signups were held each night where all riders had the chance to get into the finals. We kicked the party off with the local band Slap n' Tickle and a Miss Coors Light Summer Talent Search. The Coors Light Girls were looking to add another addition to their team, and this was a perfect way to find that one lucky girl. Even though the weather was in the low 50s, this wasn't going to keep outrloyal bikers away! We started off with a bang!

Night 2, June 28: Bike night No. 2 is always a fans choice. Not only was the local band Lonesome Road playing live while the Miss Coors Light Summer Talent Search signups going on, but it was also the night we had the Burn-Out Contest. We allowed 10 entries in this event with prizes going out to the top two performers. Each entry had two minutes to show what they had. We had Harleys and sportbikes battling it out for that No. 1 spot. There was even a sportbike that had a smoke bomb tire that filled our entire parking lot with red smoke -- the crowd loved every minute of it. We judged each entry by crowd noise. With the weather cooperating, we had the front parking lot so full we had to rethink parking for the next two nights (what a great problem to have).

Night 3, July 19: Helforstout, a local band, kicked this night's party off with a bang. They quickly drew a crowd and, again, we filled the parking lot. We had a beautiful night that drew a lot of custom bikes out. Our lot attendants had all the custom bikes line up so everyone had the chance to walk through to see what everyone else was riding. The third night was also the Miss Coors Light Summer Talent Search finals. All of the contestants were called to the stage and lined up for the audience to vote for their favorite girl. The vote was decided by who had the loudest response from the crowd. The lucky winner was awarded and was asked to join the Miss Coors Light team. Included with this fun-filled night, we were fortunate to be part of a wedding proposal that happened right there on stage… AND…she said “YES!"

Night 4, August 23: The final bike night was the most exciting with the Victory Vegas 8-Ball giveaway. One lucky person was going to be leaving on a brand new Victory with Cobra pipes already installed on it. The local band Downward Fall was rocking out on stage. Chrome Horse was serving food and beer, the Miss Coors Light Girls were mingling with all the local riders, and our local radio stations, KHAK (country) and KRNA (rock) were broadcasting live. All of this came together to produce the largest bike night we had ever seen. We had bikes parked in every possible spot they could on our property. There were cars parked all around our store in a three-block radius, and we easily had over 2,000 local riders joining us for this giveaway. 8:30 p.m. came quickly on this night, where the lucky 25 finalists all drew keys, and we found out whose key started the bike.

One lucky rider was chosen, and off he went on his brand new Victory. This by far was the largest and coolest party of the year, and only time will tell what next year will hold for McGrath Powersports Bike Nights. A very special thanks goes out to all of our partners, employees, and last but not least, our loyal riders (who are already asking what we have in store for them next year)!