Milwaukee Harley-Davidson

I like to explain our relationship with our customers as being like a duck on the water.

From the surface, it appears to be floating gently, effortlessly around, but underneath it’s kicking like hell to get where it wants to go. The part that our customers see on the surface is who we are: friendly, bright, engaged enthusiasts, enjoying your experience alongside you. Much of our customer service philosophy is based in the service industry. Our dealer owner, Chaz, owns several bar/restaurants, and the way we treat customers is based largely on that industry.

We feel like customers are truly guests here. We want to greet them immediately, actively listen to them, and then treat them with the same consideration that we would use to treat family and friends. Their concerns are ours. They are super-easy to solve: What would I want someone to do for me in this situation? Just do that.

Underneath the surface, we are fueled by standard operating procedures, customer service role-playing, and process. The friendly part is easy, because it is who we are, and the process part makes sure that you receive the same consistency of performance here every time. This is achieved in many ways, from the first greeting as the customer enters the dealership to the personal invitation to join us on our monthly New Owners Ride for a free gourmet meal and good company at one of the dealership owner’s historic taverns.

Our goal is to make every customer a Customer for Life. We want them to come back again and again along with their friends and family. We sell a lifestyle, not just motorcycles, parts, and apparel. We hold many events for our customers ranging from rides and rallies to MMA Fight Nights. We sponsor a large Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) chapter. We hold our chapter meetings at the dealership and have constructed a large outside recreation area dedicated to our H.O.G. chapter. We continually reach out to our customers and communicate with them using e-blasts, emails, and Facebook. The dealership features a Roadhouse Lounge in the large mezzanine area above the sales floor. All sorts of free entertainment is available: multiple big screen TVs, pool, foosball, shuffleboard, video games, etc. It is a home away from home for many of our customers. In short, we stay involved with our customers and offer a complete experience for all of our customers whether they are new to motorcycling or a seasoned veteran.