Milwaukee Harley-Davidson

The question is, why would you not want to work for Milwaukee Harley-Davidson? Our existing dedicated and experienced staff, our training opportunities and employee development, our ridiculously fun parties, and our affiliates all contribute in a major way to a positive work environment that surrounds employee growth.

Foremost, as Milwaukee’s premier Harley lifestyle dealership in the city where it all started, Milwaukee Harley-Davidson is genuine in all aspects. We live by genuine Harley-Davidson lifestyle values and do business like genuine professionals.

Our team’s passion lies within the culture of freedom and non-conformity, thus embracing what makes each person unique. We do what we have fun doing, and the rest follows. In addition to our edgy take on throwing epic parties, we also partake in a wide range of employee outings on a regular basis: from opening-day Brewers baseball games to behind-the-scenes brewery and distillery tours to parties at our neighboring gentlemen’s club (for those who dare).

Beyond that, our ideal location in proximity to Harley-Davidson Motor Company allows us to take part in many Harley-Davidson pilots. We have access to innumerable resources from the pros, many of whom we come into contact with throughout our tenure via a short drive from the factory, corporate office, and Harley-Davidson Museum. We emphasize career development and growth, recognizing that embracing your employees will benefit not only them, but Milwaukee Harley-Davidson as a business.

Consequently, we take advantage of all opportunities to further our employees’ education and training. For example, we prepare our service techs with the required classes and training so they can reach the coveted title of “Master of Technology” -- all of which takes place prior to them reaching their required tenure. That way, when it comes time for them to reach that five-year mark, they will be awarded for their devotion to their career at the soonest possible opportunity. We pride ourselves in stating that after four to five years of employment, a technician can make in excess of $70,000 per year.

And for the newbies, we offer a phenomenal Mentor Program where we pair each new-hire with a trustworthy mentor technician to guide them in this new environment, starting with the basics of standard operating procedure within our dealership, building a solid foundation for an expert Master Technician. It is beneficial working for Milwaukee Harley-Davidson also on the social front, as our recognizable name opens more doors than one might realize. Many of our existing employees have benefited from our business partnership marketing strategies, as it allows them to make long-lasting friendships, contacts, and networks with the movers and shakers of other local businesses.

Beyond that, the dealership owner, Chaz, owns four bars (and very soon the number will be six total taverns in the greater Milwaukee area) where every common employee under the owner is treated like a VIP.

Finally, beyond the employee development level and the social stature level, Milwaukee Harley-Davidson has come across an opportunity that not many businesses are lucky enough to boast: the acquisition of a second dealership. Chaz Hastings has purchased Doug’s Harley-Davidson in South Carolina, and is in the process of revitalizing that business.

As a Milwaukee Harley-Davidson employee, you become the expert trailblazer to lead the new team in the ways of our business. This is an opportunity for many employees of ours to experience the transition and re-establishment of a dealership that will teach innumerable new skills and values -- not to mention the silver lining it offers on a resume. Milwaukee Harley-Davidson identifies itself not a dealership, but as the culmination of a growing and developing team.

With that philosophy, we offer opportunities for each and every individual willing to employ themselves under our wing. We have all of the perks of a small, family-owned business mentality and the rare opportunities of a growing conglomerate of affiliates. Everyone is known and recognized by their name -- not a number -- while still experiencing the excitement of what an expanding corporation has to offer despite the economic recession that has swallowed so many small businesses in the past five years.