Motorcycle Mall

In September, the Motorcycle Mall staff hosted the First-Annual Motorcycle Mall track day.

Throughout the years, numerous customers have talked about riding their motorcycles on a race track, but never were able to do it because of many obstacles -- too expensive, not having a bike to ride, not being knowledgeable of what to do, not having any riding buddies to attend with, etc. We knew that if we could host a track day at our local race track (New Jersey Motorsports Park - NJMP) we would see a number of our customers and potential customers attend. We had support from Yamaha and the Northeast Sportbike Association (NESBA) to make it a memorable day. Yamaha had its new sportbikes to test ride on the track for consumers free of charge, NESBA ran all of the riding groups (Advance, Intermediate, Beginner and Intro) with its professional and experienced control riders, and we also included an educational sportbike class for the Intro and Beginning riders. We provide lunch for the customers as well -- all for $130 a rider!

With the attendance being over 100 customers, we strengthened the relationship with our current customers and made new ones in the process. We also ran a track suit deal for a discounted Cortech race suit: buy at a nice discount and get the track day for FREE! We sold over eight suits leading up to the track day, and some more at the track. In addition, we also sold a Yamaha unit or two. We're still in the process of checking to see the total number of sold bikes.

We had a photographer there who took photos of all the riders, and we have uploaded them to our Facebook page to increase Facebook traffic and allow for the customers to have a nice take-home gift! We have received countless thank you emails. NESBA was so happy with the outcome that it provided free memberships to all of our attendees, and we are looking forward to planning the second-annual track day next year!