Ray Price, Inc.

Some of our most successful community involvement initiatives are our cook-offs for charity.

Each year, we hold three cook-offs to raise money for various community charities: Brunswick Stew Cook-Off in March, Wild Buffalo Wing Cook-Off in July, and our BBQ Cook-Off in November (in conjunction with our Veterans' Day Open House Celebration). Dozens of restaurants, groups, and individuals register to compete as cook teams for our several cash prizes, trophies, and the coveted People’s Choice award. We have live music by regional and local bands, and various vendors set up. Thousands of people come to the dealership to enjoy the live music and delicious food. The street and parking lot fills with bikes and customers moving from one cook team to the next. For attendees, we ask for a $5 donation to our chosen charity, and in return for their donation, they get to eat all they can until the food is gone.

Even when the food runs out, our generous customers will donate to the cause. We hold a blood drive throughout the day, where an average of over 40 pints of blood is donated at each event. In the past 12 months, our BBQ Cook-Off raised $3,000 for the American Red Cross of the Triangle, the Brunswick Stew Cook-Off raised $1,500 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, and our Wild Buffalo Wing Cook-Off raised an amazing $3,380 for the Duke Children’s Miracle Network and the All-Star Ride for Life. We are very grateful to our customers, contestants, neighbors and employees who come out to donate their time, money, and blood so that we can help those in need. These cook-offs bring more of our community members, who may not be riders, to the dealership, often bringing their whole family to enjoy the event. As a result, not only do we raise awareness and funds for the charities, we are also raising awareness about motorcycling for our local community members and dispelling the bad stereotypes some people may have, thus gaining more support for the dealership and our mission from our community members.