Rec-Tech Power Products

We try to follow the "Spader" principals as much as possible and have sent and will continue to send staff to Spader training.

So far, our employees have attended: Total Management No. 1, Total Management No. 2, Parts and Accessory Management, and Service Management. We always take some of the staff members to the dealer conventions to see the latest products and how to market them. All staff receives health benefits after three months of employment, and the techs also receive a tool allowance of $50/month along with a dollar-an-hour bonus for each product line they are certified in.

We attend as many ATV rallies as possible with our staff, go sledding in the mountains together, support and ride in motorcycle rallies together, and have a few lake days in the summer with our families. Rec-Tech covers the costs of these functions and supplies the products to ride, too. Once a month, we have a staff lunch meeting; Rec-Tech cooks the meat and each employee brings a food item and we follow the lunch with a short staff meeting.

At Christmas, we rent a bus and haul the crew to the small town where Rec-Tech was started and attend a Christmas party. Then we drop staff off at their homes afterward. This is a ton of fun and something we all look forward to every year. I guess the staff operates more like a family than I realize -- we work together, play together, and are quite close. We really enjoy working together.