Off-Road Express

The most successful marketing campaign is our November Black Friday and Saturday sale.

We have been having the sale for five years now, and each year we have outdone the previous year. I make special unit purchases along with special apparel, gear and parts purchases specifically for the two-day sale. The sale sold us over 48 major units and over $50,000 in the parts and accessory department. The media we use for the event are TV, radio, Web and newspaper. The week of the sale, we blitz all media, including Thanksgiving day football and full-page spreads in Thanksgiving day newspapers with post-it notes on the front page directing consumers to our ads. I also negotiate Web roadblocks on certain sites so our ads are popping up all week long on various high-traveled sites.

The sale has received the reputation as the sale not to miss on Black Friday, with consumers lined up prior to our opening. The sale for us has made it our busiest two retail days of the year.