Off-Road Express

The most successful event we hosted this year was a charity motorcycle ride during a bike rally in our city.

The ride was a poker run that took a scenic route through the grape vineyards and wineries of northwest Pennsylvania. The ride was called "Roar to the Vineyards" and attracted over 1,400 riders to gather and spend time at our dealership. We also brought in Rick Fairless of Strokers Dallas as a celebrity guest for the ride.

The ride was a great event that brought in riders from all over. The event raised a lot of money for charity. The dealership sold a lot of bikes along with parts, clothing and accessories. The fact is, we met many people for the first time who are now are customers, and it is nearly impossible to measure the success of the event based on that one day. The event was four months ago, and we are still selling bikes to people who took demo rides at the event. I am also happy to say during the event I had the pleasure of becoming friends with Rick Fairless, who is an industry leader whom I admire very much.