Road Track and Trail LLC

Again for this year, our most effective marketing campaign is for our annual Midnight Madness Sale.

We use all forms of advertising mentioned. First, we put a half-page to one-page ad in all of the major printed trade magazines one month prior: Cycle Trader, Cycle Focus, Auto & RV, etc. We also buy banner space on the online trader sites and event links on our website, and the online event pages of many local clubs. We leave regular Facebook posts with information and posters, starting three weeks in advance. We also use Twitter and Google+.

We shoot YouTube videos, which we call the "Freaky Friday" series. We don't have a huge YouTube following yet as we just started the Freaky Friday Series in July, 2012. This video was shot before the sale. This was shot during the sale. We have a Friday Blog that is released as well. Most of this information can be accessed from We send out an e-newsletter one week in advance and a reminder email the day before the sale. These emails go out to thousands of customers who have joined our email list.

We have shirts printed for the event, which we give away on the day of. We advertise in store, by phone and all around the community with posters and printed postcards sitting at all of the sales desks if someone wishes to take the information with them. We also use a direct-mail insert, to add to our regular mail. If you received a registration card or letter by mail, you would have had a small card with Midnight Madness information inside the envelope. New this year, we added a 30-day billboard in the city of Milwaukee and bought ad space on the electronic billboard at the Wisconsin State Fair. Meanwhile, our reps are doing some advertising for us. Tucker Rocky, Parts Unlimited, Helmet House, our banks and many loyal fans spread the word about this sale. For this event, we use as many options as we possibly can for media output, and we are more successful every year!