Road Track and Trail LLC

Road Track and Trail has an "after-hours hotline" for pick up service.

If one of our customers is in need of help after hours, we are there for them. It doesn't matter what the situation may be. If you call us stranded, after hours, and you need service on your vehicle, we will pick you up, take you home and bring your bike back to the shop. It's a program that gives the customer peace of mind. It's an excellent way to guarantee that we get the service work as well. If the person hired a tow truck, or called a friend, there is no guarantee who will perform the work. If you call us for a pickup, we are guaranteed the service work on the vehicle.

This program was first designed in aid for those customers who took delivery of their vehicles at or around closing time, and may (for instance) be driving 75 miles back to Chicago from Big Bend. Whether a veteran or a first-time rider, we can't guarantee the performance of the rider.

Many first-time riders drop their bikes or run them out of gas, and we wanted to be available to help them out. Since all customers have our phone number, we started getting calls from veteran riders a year or two after their purchase, who perhaps needed a battery replaced or sprung a leak when out on a ride. We figured we couldn't turn down our long-term customers either, and we started using one person for a pickup and delivery service. We are the only business in our area that gives customers after-hours access to an employee if they are in distress. The delivery service has worked out just as well. Most people do not want to ride a new bike home in cold weather, so we set up reasonable delivery service for them.

Our reviews are great. This is from Sandy in Evanston, Ill., regarding delivery service:
"On my third visit, I went by myself and Todd [sales] was helping someone else when I walked in. He saw me and waved "Hi Sandy!" DOH! Come here often? Uh, yeah, I guess so. I made my purchase (2008 black Ninja 500) that day and he, the finance dude Steve, and everyone was so very friendly and helpful. A mechanic even rode it down to my parents' house as I was terrified of riding in traffic."

Here is a review for pickup service:
"Today I realized I punctured my oil filter and was stranded. These guys came to my rescue. Fantastic folks and what service!!"

We deserve special merit because we dedicate our careers to this lifestyle. We don't walk away when the doors close at 7 p.m. When the staff is out riding around before, during or after hours, and we see a motorcycle stalled or in need of service, the first thing we do is stop to see if they are ok and call our shop to get them off the road. They don't even have to be our customers, but I bet they will be after we pick them up with curbside service.