Scooternerds / Select Cycle

The Greensboro Odyssey 2012 brought alternativel7 fueled vehicles together for an outdoor show.

Scooternerds was a host promoter, presenting a variety of new technologies and alternatively fueled vehicles. Various vehicles were available, from Zero Motorcycles to Fisker Karmas, a Tesla roadster to Volvo trucks and Pedego electric assist bicycles. The city had it's new fleet of hybrid buses displayed beside the utility company's CNG-powered service vehicles. These included total electric bicycles, motorcycles and cars, hybrids, compressed natural gas, solar, propane, plus other emerging platforms for the public to view.

The city got behind the event and the turnout was great. A live broadcast from a local radio station was provided by Scooternerds. People who came ranged from students from a variety of local high schools, community colleges, and universities to lots of curious news and media.

Many people were impressed and became much more aware of where today's transportation systems are headed. Heavy traffic was seen all day, which fed into the showroom of Scooternerds. An entire new market emerged with people who were new to a powersports showroom coming out to see what all the excitement was about. Many were astonished to learn of the fun and practicality of two-wheeled transportation. Numerous benefits were seen through our new opportunities previously untapped with this demographic.

The local community and surrounding area really embraced the event and technology presented. Much new interest in our products has begun. The students were allowed to exhibit their alternatively fueled projects along with their instructors. Everyone seemed thrilled at what our schools are producing and they seemed excited to travel into the future of transportation. Test rides were available for a variety of products, and the smiles on the new riders were huge.