Scooternerds / Select Cycle

To provide the necessary ingredients to make memories and experiences which will last a lifetime.

To know our customers' (and potential customers') every need and desire imaginable to make for a FUN time riding, and to help maintain their quality products.

To provide the essentials to promote and grow the scooter and motorcycle culture in our marketplace, plus areas beyond.

To promote safety in operating a motorcycle and motor scooter by offering the most current and proven reliable gear and encouraging participation in MSF rider courses.

To make our facility a true destination where even people lacking the then-present desire to ride will have to come in and check us out. To make our facility available free of cost to any organization or nonprofit seeking to improve life for others.

To provide our staff opportunity to advance through education, proper equipment, orderly location, clean facilities, superior management and coaching, plus maintaining the necessary stock to ensure timely professional service.

Scooternerds promotes and helps to facilitate the ease of owning and operating a motor scooter or motorcycle in the local community by serving where effective to monitor along with enacting friendly programs and legislation involving the rider community. An emphasis on safety and the positive experience is present in all public relations.