Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson Buell

Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson values its employees. Management knows that without the employees, we have nothing.

Therefore, we have instated a very important employee engagement program. We recognize an exemplary department each and every month. Each department manager pleads their case to the jury (the owner principal, general manager and assistant general manager) as to why their department has stood out and focused on their commitments during that month and, therefore, deserves the recognition.

The winner receives the trophy, which is displayed in the department all month long, and each member of the team receives a gift card of their choosing.

Each month, each department that meets or exceeds their budget nominates a Star performer. This individual is chosen by the manager for going above and beyond the call of duty. A certificate is placed in the employee break room announcing all Star performers and the winning individuals will receive a gift card of their choosing. Every month there are three Rock Stars, chosen by the jury, based upon the employees who deliver exemplary customer service. The winning three employees receive a certificate and picture is posted in the customer lounge, and they receive a gift card of their choosing.

Our employee engagement program instills into our employees the two WIGs (goals) of our dealership: Profitability and Customer Experience. It recognizes those who are able to deliver above and beyond. Our employees are excited and happy. They do not come to work every day, but rather go to a place they are excited about and get to show their joy for the lifestyle they live.