Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson Buell

Our mission is to bring to life dreams of motorcycling by establishing stakeholder and customer relationships that are fair and balanced, while continuously striving for operational excellence.

We achieve this by instituting our four core values of:

Integrity: Revering honesty and adhering to high ethical standards,
The Golden Rule: Respecting all people and valuing their differences,
Excellence: Constantly striving to improve in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of our customers, shareholders, and people, and
Profitability: Rewarding those who most enhance the health and happiness of their customers, communities and people. 

Supporting our core values, we have infused into our culture the four disciplines of execution. These instate a common WIG (wildly important goal) throughout the dealership that every department is focused on aiding to meet, which then trickles down to the individual employees. It is a system used from the grassroots upward, through to upper management.