Smokin' Harley-Davidson

Customer service is the only thing that will truly bring them back.

Not only do we want return customers, we want loyal customers. We work very hard at Smokin', but we also have fun. If our staff is happy, the customer can sense it and it is contagious. We provide our management with support and guidance to ensure that our employees are comfortable and knowledgeable in making the day-to-day decisions necessary while serving our customers. As part of our focus on customer service, we have numerous programs instituted. One of the most important ones is our Fast Lane Service. Our service department opens earlier than normal store hours, so that customers can drop off their motorcycles before their normal work day. Our service department also features same-day routine maintenance services, oil changes, and basic accessories installation.

The combination of our Fast Lane services and early hours permit our customers to drop off their motorcycles on the way to work, and pick them up on the way home. We will also drive the customer to work and pick up, if necessary. We provide the "WOW" experience every time a customer steps foot into our service department. Our service department has experienced 20 percent growth over last year, and we have had to hire two more technicians. We attribute this to incorporating our Fast Lane Service. All customers of our service department are logged into a customer database, and are then contacted by an independent agency to assess their satisfaction of services provided by our dealership. Followup calls are also made by individual service adviser. This program provides concise and timely feed back to management, and also provides positive reinforcement of exceptional customer service.