Toledo Harley-Davidson

Our most effective print-related media campaign this year has been our use of digital billboards.

Utilizing the digital billboards allows us to be flexible with our marketing campaign. It allows us to change our message frequently with no additional cost for production. It is one of the fastest ways to communicate our message to the masses. In most cases, we can have a message posted to the public within five minutes of sending the approved creative to the agency.

Another one of our favorite things about using the digital billboards through Lamar Outdoor is the iSpot feature that it offers. iSpot allows us to connect directly to the network of seven digital billboards we have contracted here in Toledo, and upload pictures of our new customers. Our account executive (and former employee of the dealership) came up with the "Welcome to the Family" campaign. This campaign allows us to snap a pic of the new owner at our dealership and have that pic uploaded to the digitals throughout the area. We inform our customers and they in turn tell their friends and family that a picture of them on their new Harley is on a billboard...right now.

We also provide the customers with a map and locations of where the billboards are located. It is just another way that we can continue to offer added value to our new owners and thank them for taking the time to purchase a new Harley from us!