Xtreme Machines LLC

We motivate our workforce by treating them with respect.

We hold weekly manager meetings and monthly  staff meetings so everyone knows what's going on in the dealership. Xtreme Machines supplies medical benefits to employees and shares the cost 50/50. In season, lunch is provided every Saturday for the staff.

On all holidays, we celebrate with a lunch brought in or provide specialty cakes and cookies to represent the holiday. We have an annual holiday party which is paid in full by Xtreme Machines, and all employees and their significant others are invited. We have a grab bag which all are invited to participate in. Every employee is given a birthday card signed by the entire staff and a cake is brought in once a month for everyone's birthday that month. Weddings and births are also celebrated with a signed card and gift from the staff. Gift cards to various local restaurants are given as a special incentive when someone does something extra as well as for the best sale of the week. All employees are sent to all manufacturer training workshops and to dealer trade shows.

When we receive tickets to motorcycle events at local raceways, we give them to employees to enjoy a day at the races. All employees have the opportunity to advance themselves to other positions within the company. We encourage our employees to better themselves and to cross train in other departments. We try our best to treat everyone as family members and support the TEAM motto.

We have Team Xtreme T-shirts we wear when attending outside events. All of our employees are given their company work shirts plus an Xtreme Machines hoodie and Team Xtreme T-shirt. Throughout the year, there are various "play" dates where someone will set up a paint ball day or race day, haunted hay ride, bowling, etc.

Xtreme Machines has scheduled lunch and break times for all employees. They are not allowed to eat at their stations. A full kitchen is available to our staff to sit quietly and enjoy their lunch times. We encourage our employees to use this time to re-energize. There are separate bathrooms for employee men and women, and here are also separate bathrooms for men and women customers. Xtreme Machines is like a home away from home with the comforts of a full kitchen, clean bathrooms, and outside picnic table to eat outside.

Lockers are provided for those who ride to work to store their helmets and jackets. We value a clean work environment and employ a full-time maintenance person. We have an open-door policy so anyone at any time can get in touch with an owner. When hired, employees are given owners' cell phone numbers and e-mail address. People care about each other here, and you feel that. That in turn translates to the customer.