V-Twin Update

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - Steve Johnson of Tucker Rocky and Craig Shoemaker of WPS will participate in an unprecedented panel discussion on the future of aftermarket s
A PAN, A CHUNK of foam and a cover. A seat is a seat, right? A mere butt holder. Not so fast. Sales are booming in the seat market. It’s one of the aftermar
JANESVILLE, Wis. - Drag Specialties has hired Jason Sedovic as a Central Region sales representative and named Jenna Lee as its new phone sales representative. Se
MARK ADAMEC is a straight-shooter and a straight-talker, but he doesn’t like straight lines in his buildings or in his designs.  In fact, he thinks str
SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - Alterations in helmet design tend to involve either new graphics, new materials, weight savings and even the addition of communications eq