Excelsior-Henderson brand, patents to be auctioned by Mecum in January

WALWORTH, WI – Want to buy an iconic motorcycle brand? Here’s your opportunity. The Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle brand and all of its intellectual property will be auctioned off during the 27th Annual Mecum Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction, Jan. 23-27 at the South Point Hotel & Casino, the Wisconsin-based Mecum announced.

Image courtesy Mecum

This auction includes ownership of the Excelsior-Henderson brand name, all federally registered trademarks, web domains, the previous motorcycle frame and engine designs, and the expired patents that “can only be effectively exploited by the owner of Excelsior-Henderson,” Mecum stated.

Excelsior-Henderson historically was one of the “Big 3” among motorcycle manufacturers, with its greatest successes under the ownership and direction of Ignaz Schwinn. “From 1911 to 1921, Hendersons were the only four-cylinder motorcycles produced in the United States; by the late 1920s, Excelsior-Henderson and Indian dominated the 45-cubic-inch market with the Super X and Scout models. Their big models – the Henderson Four as well as the Indian Chief and Four – were admired the world over, and were in many ways the most attractive and technically interesting motorcycles built in the U.S.,” Mecum stated.

However, Schwinn eventually pulled the plug on the motorcycles, choosing instead to focus on the bicycle market. “The Excelsior-Henderson name has quietly survived, waiting for the right combination of capital and inspiration to roar back to life,” Mecum added.

Vintage Excelsior and Henderson motorcycles command top dollar: A 1912 Henderson Four sold for $490,000 at last year’s Mecum Las Vegas auction; it was followed by a 1913 Henderson Four that sold for $150,000 and a 1928 Excelsior Big Bertha at $117,500.

According to the Mecum website, the Excelsior-Henderson auction (Lot R217; Main Attraction) will take place on Jan. 27. For more information on the January auction, visit the Excelsior-Henderson auction page on Mecum’s website.