Harley-Davidson: More than half of Ryder now registered for motorcycle training

Image: Harley-Davidson

RYDER, ND – Harley-Davidson welcomed an entire town (well, almost) to motorcycling last Saturday: Ryder, ND, population 84.

The Motor Co.’s aim was make Ryder the first fully motorcycle licensed town in the United States. And although Ryder will not field a full 84 motorcyclists, more than half of its residents reportedly signed up for training.

Saturday’s festivities, which closed down Main Street, kicked off with a Harley-Davidson Riding Academy demonstration to show Ryder residents what a riding class looks like, as well as how fun and easy it is to learn to ride.

“In the first few hours of the demo, more than 50 residents of Ryder signed up to take rider training,” said Mike Roach, Motor Co. spokesperson. They will attend their rider training courses this summer 40 miles away in Minot, Roach told Dealernews.

“After the demonstration, the Mayor of Ryder, Jody Reinisch, presented Harley-Davidson the key to the city, which will be put on display in the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee,” Roach added.

Ryder also hosted hundreds of Harley riders who came to the small town to “welcome the Ryder residents into the riding community,” he said.

“In Ryder – and across the country – Harley-Davidson is passionate about creating opportunities for new riders to experience and enjoy the sport of motorcycling,” said Anoop Prakash, Harley’s director of marketing and marketing development for the United States, last week when the company announced the event. “By teaching the entire town of Ryder, we believe we’ll show others how easy – and fun – it can be to make the switch from four wheels to two.”

The Motor Co. also refurbished the town’s water tower, complete with Harley logo.

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