Information, collaboration at heart of new Dealernews

DEALERNEWS “2.0” launches with a new vision and a stronger mission, to truly help powersports retailers balance their support for the sport with their pursuit of profit.

Dealernews is now owned and governed by a board of powersports retailers, making Dealernews truly OF the Dealer, BY the Dealer and FOR the Dealer –  franchised new vehicle powersports dealerships, non-franchised (pre-owned) powersports vehicle retailers, and powersports service, performance and customizing shops. Vehicle sales and service are the backbone of the powesports industry, and it’s where Dealernews will reside.

The new Dealernews serves the Dealers through:

INFORMATION SERVICES – Dealernews now operates more as an information consultancy for powersports retailers, offering news, business resources, and “deep dives” into complex issues of interest. Dealers are encouraged to make requests of the Dealernews editorial team for articles, reports, surveys, research and other projects to serve their needs.

PROMOTING RETAIL – The home page of, which is available to all visitors, promotes the good works and activities of powersports Dealers in the U.S. and Canada and reminds consumers of the benefits they and their communities receive when they work with their local powersports shop.

PROVIDING INFORMATION FOR BUSINESSES – Information of specific use to powersports retailers is now provided in premium sections on This content is available only to qualified retailers holding (complimentary) INSIDER Premium memberships, and for an annual fee to other powersports industry professionals. The DealerNEWS ALERT enewsletter is available to all INSIDER and INSIDER Premium members.

CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION – Qualified retailers with INSIDER Premium memberships enjoy full access to the new INSIDER community site, an online, private portal enabling Dealers to connect and engage with other Dealers, form groups and forums to address common issues, and develop solutions to the issues faced in today’s market. Insider community access and use is exclusively for qualified retail professionals.

COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE – The 25th Anniversary Top 100 Dealer competition launches in January 2017. It is the industry’s largest, longest running and most prestigious competition of retail excellence, where merely going through the entry process may be used as a valuable team building, marketing, and business development exercise.

Again, we are dedicated to making our services affordable and easy. As noted above, all Dealernews information services, as well as full community access on the INSIDER site, are provided free to qualifying retailers.

It is our vision that Dealernews will continue to expand, evolve and change as the North American powersports Dealers make it their own.

Together, we’re making history.