RevZilla CEO Bucci to talk e-commerce at Digital Summit

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – Gear e-retailer RevZilla’s success translates from 40 percent growth and more than $75 million in sales last year to a prime speaking spot at the National Retail Federation’s Digital Summit Oct. 5 to 7.

RevZilla co-founder and CEO Anthony Bucci will join the event in a session to share insights into connecting with customers. In a preview interview with NRF, Bucci talked about the company’s origins and gave a few insights into its success.

“Consistency, brand and culture are the three most prominent things that I beam about. We have used technology and new media in inventive ways to scale high-touch specialty retail with a consistent yet channel-agnostic experience,” he said. “We have developed a brand we believe in that not only creates utility for the motorcycle enthusiast but affords us the ability to have fun with our customers and staff along the way.”

The interview touches on the company’s use of social media – especially YouTube – to build the brand and community, RevZilla’s corporate culture, and plans for the future, including that the company is hiring” “I’d like to hammer home that we’re hiring and we relocate [hires],” he said.

Read the full interview here.