Urban Motor Imports to operate MV Agusta in United States

Image: MV Agusta

COBERG, AUSTRALIA – Urban Motor Group Pty Ltd. this week announced the acquisition of MV Agusta USA LLC. A new motorcycle distribution team, Urban Moto Imports, will oversee operation and will be led by Joseph Elasmar, CEO and founder of the parent company.

The MVA main office in Pennsylvania will be joined by a West Coast office in California, UMI stated. The company hinted at a U.S. conference in the first half of 2017 and “an expected update to the dealer network in the coming months.”

UMI imports and distributes MV Agusta, Bimota, Benelli, Erik Buell Racing, Royal Enfield and Confederate Motorcycles in Australia and New Zealand. “The opportunity to represent MV Agusta in North America was a direct result of a strong and successful relationship with the MV Agusta factory, specifically influenced by Giovanni Castiglioni, president of MV Agusta,” the company stated on its website.

Giovanni Castiglioni, MVA president, and Urban Motor Imports’ Joseph Elasmar (Image: MV Agusta)

“For me and the company, I can say we are very excited with our new partner overseeing and developing USA. Joseph and his distribution team have a remarkable track record in delivering a strong dealership network, backed with excellent customer service and dealer support. We are very confident they will usher in a new era for MV Agusta in the States, invigorating sales and passion for our motorcycles. This is just the beginning, we have plenty more surprises in 2017 and beyond.” Castiglioni noted.

“In my opinion MV Agusta is a brand like no other, you cannot tie it down to traditional ways of thinking, it is the most progressive and liberal motorcycle company in the world, not shy of pushing the envelope,” Elasmar said. While “other mainstream brands have taken the mass production approach, MV Agusta continues to do what others dream to do. You only have to look back in the last couple years to see the partnerships with the likes of Motul, Pirelli, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes-AMG and Zagato, that have produced the most unique and beautiful motorcycles. Coupled with its rich racing heritage, names of famous riders and drivers, to its own bespoke R&D performance center CRC (Castiglioni Research Centre), MV Agusta is without peer. The motivation and passion behind the brand is insatiable; you only have to take a short walk along the factory production line to be immersed in the history, affection and precision of the workers who build motorcycle art.”

Elasmar in the announcement predicted an “exciting” year for the brand, including new model updates, future special editions and new riders representing MVA in world championship racing. “There is just so much going on at the factory,” he noted. “The new technical updates that are coming to the road range in 2017 alone [are] quite amazing, with CRC mastering significant changes to chassis, engine and electronics componentry. CRC has also proven once again it is at the forefront in R&D with the recent release at EICMA of the most powerful 800 cc naked under Euro 4 constraints, the Brutale 800. These new developments and yet to be released innovations really show MV Agusta is leading edge. I’m really looking forward to a new start for MV Agusta in the USA, and in particular seeing customers experience the difference of hand-built Italian masterpieces.”

From a UMI press release