Vermont dealership fined for improper storage of hazardous waste

RUTLAND, VT – A reminder to check how you’re storing used oil and other hazardous materials, and whether your practices are in compliance with the environmental regulations in your state: A Vermont multi-line has been fined more than $23,000 for violations of the state’s hazardous waste management regulations.

Vermont’s Agency of National Resources (ANR) announced this week that Central Vermont Motorcycles Inc. is required to pay a fine of $23,062 for “multiple violations” inspectors found two years ago, including improper storage of bad gasoline, used oil and spent antifreeze.

Central Vermont Motorcycles agreed to an Assurance of Discontinuance that requires a penalty of $23,062.50, ANR said. A final judicial order was issued on July 25. The dealership also is required to submit an inventory of hazardous waste onsite, documentation of composition testing of used oil, and photo documentation verifying proper storage and labeling of hazardous waste, including used oil rags, ANR noted.

Department of Environmental Conservation inspectors in March 2015 identified “two 55-gallon drums and dozens of smaller containers… stored on the property and known to hold hazardous materials including bad gasoline, spent antifreeze and used oil,” ANR stated. “The actively used waste containers were not stored near the waste generating process or service activities, which put the waste out of the control of the process operator,” meaning, the dealership.

“The smaller storage containers were stored outside, without protection from rain or snow, and both the drums and containers were not protected from freezing. Additionally, the drums and containers were in various states of disrepair, some were left open, and none were properly marked as hazardous containers,” ANR stated.

“Agency personnel also observed used oil rags were being stored in open, unmarked containers. In addition, staff confirmed the shop burns used oil without first testing to ensure the used oil composition is safe to burn,” ANR continued. Finally, dealership personnel “were unaware of the exact contents of the waste containers and could not demonstrate sufficient knowledge of required emergency preparedness and response procedures.”

“Because of the potential risks inherent in hazardous waste management, we hold generators responsible for taking proactive steps to protect not only public health and the environment, but also the people managing hazardous waste,” says Emily Boedecker, commissioner of the state’s Department of Environmental Conservation.

Central Vermont Motorcycles is a multi-line dealership representing Arctic Cat, BRP/Can-Am, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Polaris off-road and Polaris Slingshot, in addition to Honda Power Equipment and Triton Trailers.