• Online Marketing: The importance of a good impression

    Thursday, February 9, 2017 | Dave Kopf

    WE ALL LEARN about the importance of a first impression, but in marketing it’s all about making the most impressions. If you understand this truism, you will constantly work to generate as many impressions as you can for your branding and marketing messages.

    So, what is an impression? Before we answer that, let’s first check our assumptions about advertising. Often, many businesses expect a direct correlation between advertising and sales, but the process is not that simple. If we had to define advertising with one word, that word would be awareness. Advertising is a form of marketing communications designed to build brand or product awareness. Consider advertising a broad net, rather than a rod and reel.

    Working under that definition, we can start to talk about impressions, why they are important, and how the social media marketing age is responding to it.

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