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  • Sep 10, 2021


One of the most galvanizing figures in powersports, Ed Lemco actually wrote his autobiography more than 15 years ago. He gave the original manuscript to his wife Velma Lemco Marshall to edit and publish, asking her to wait for some time before publishing. His daughter Laura says the time has come and the book is ready for release in September of 2021. 

In “A Path Defined” Lemco tells of growing up in New York City and Australia, of his years in the Army, along with his formative years in business and how they shaped his outlook on the dealers.” Ed Lemco seized every opportunity to learn… and document his experiences,” Laura explains. “In 1981 he took the opportunity to share some of his insights with a few fellow motorcycle Dealers and became a staunch Dealer advocate, a management trainer, a mentor and most often a friend.”

He even came up with a name for what he did. “Above all, he cherished the title only he could have bestowed on himself — that of Peddler.”

Contact Laura Lemco to order copies of A Path Defined at (303) 994-6919 or click:

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